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This is where we store all of our useful links.  You may have stumbled on to this page accidentally, or maybe you are looking for something.  You might have been talking to us on the phone and we sent you here to get something.  However you got here, we hope these links will help!  Please let us know if there are links that do not work so we can update them or remove them.  As we find more interesting and useful links we'll post them here! - Effective computer protection for FREE!  Made by Microsoft FOR Microsoft.  Doesn't get any better than this.  Why pay for protection when you can get the same protection for free?  We recommend and use Microsoft Security Essentials!  Great protection that won't bog down your PC.  Even old PC's! - One of two sites that help THIS site look and play the way it does!  For web designers - easy easy....just download the javascript code and insert into your web site. - The Javascript Source!  2nd of two sites where some of the coding on this web site comes from.  Neat stuff!