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Have you backed up today?

If you subscribe to our online backup service, you have!  Cajun Backup is our newest service that helps you keep your most important data safe and sound.  It's so easy you'll never even know you have it!  

Most businesses have important office files, documents, financial data, and the like.  Many and most of these can be vital to the everyday operations of your business.  And with backup mediums like CD-Rs and USB memory sticks getting cheaper, everyone is becoming better at backing up their data.  However, in the case of something catastrophic, you still could lose your data.  Especially if your backed-up data (backup cd or memory sticks) is stored on-site at your office.  Most people think about "what if my hard drive dies" and buy a backup hard drive that's hooked to the server or computer - and it backs up your data automatically.  However, if your building catches fire or if your office suffers a broken pipe and floods, suppose your roof caves in from heavy snow or your office receives a deadly power spike or "bump" from the power company - these are all things that can destroy the data on your hard drive and destroy the backup drive too.  Catastrophic failure like flood or fire can destroy the backup media.  This is where Cajun Backup comes into play!  Check out the advantages:

It's automatic - Our application is a simple little backup program that runs late at night.
Simple - We'll set it up.  We'll show you how to use it.  If you turn your computer / server off at night, it's just one click to do the backup before you leave or whenever you like.
We're here! - Right here in Evanston so there is no retrieving your data from a data center halfway around the world.  If something happens, you MUST download your data back to your system via the backup program - and if you have a lot of it, it could take hours!  Not ours!  It's on a server right here in town.  THAT means if you need your data, it's faster to transfer back to your end or even FASTER to call Cajun Computers and we'll burn your data to a CD or DVD for you!  Now THAT'S fast recovery!
Reliable! - As reliable as the service you've always gotten from Cajun Computers.  Backups are reliable, safe, and secure.  So reliable, we have people who don't even bother to back up their data on-site.  They let Cajun Backup do the work for them.  Set it up and forget it!

Our online backup is a whole different kind of backup specifically tailored to meet your needs here in Evanston.  We're here and you're here.  You need us, you call.  Real people.  In person.  Not an 800 number with support personnel in another state or country! 

Call us today at 307-679-2101 for more information about Cajun Backup and schedule your setup appointment today!