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About us...

DSCF1401.JPG (619561 bytes)Cajun Computers is owned and operated by Michael Richard.  So many people ask "why CAJUN..that's strange for a business in Wyoming."  Michael was born and raised in South Louisiana in a small town called Eunice.  This is in the heart of "Cajun country" also known as "Acadiana".  Michael left Louisiana when he was 16 when his family moved out west to Utah in 1986 and Michael himself moved to Evanston, Wyoming in 1991.  Michael has been in Wyoming since.  Like many computer business owners, Michael knew a bit about repairing computers and started doing it "on the side" in the mid 90s when PCs and the Internet were really becoming the rage.  In 2001 Michael decided to make the computer repair business a full-time venture and bought a business license and Cajun Computers was born.