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Cajun Computers has moved!  Visit us at our new location.  We are now at 625 Front St (upstairs) in Evanston!  We are upstairs above Countryside Real Estate.
Open Monday thru Friday 10:30am to 5:00pm

You got a problem??

Actually, most people call us because they do!  And at Cajun Computers, we have a different philosophy about problems.  Just about any problem can be FIXED.  This means we avoid taking the easy way out.  We avoid having to format your hard drive, destroying your valuable information.  We believe in taking the time to FIX the problem.  If you have numerous pop-ups, we believe in FIXING the problem causing the pop-ups, not MASK them by installing some pop-up blocker.  If you're tortured by blue screens of death, let us read that endless stream of numbers and jargon and FIX what's causing them.  Just remember our philosophy - FIX, not format. 

We spend most of our days fixing malware (spyware, adware, viruses, trojans) so there isn't a whole lot we haven't seen.  And you'll be amazed at what we can fix and just how much better your computer will run.  When others tell you there's no choice and you'll have to just wipe your drive and start over, keep us in mind!    We can usually help!

Besides solving problems, we do other things too!  Look around our web site to find out more!

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